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Samsung Digimax Digital Camera Battery - Lithium-Ion digital camera batteries



The Ex-Pro® Power Plus+ range of replacement batteries are manufactured exclusively for Ex-Pro® and distributed in the United Kingdom & Europe. Units have a European 2 year warranty produced to "Grade A" standards, providing a 100% Compatible replacement for the original branded unit.



Featuring Ex-Treme technology

  • Ex-Pro® batteries can be charged using your exisiting charger as per your camera/camcorders instructions or we have a full range of Ex-Pro® Digital Camera / Camcorder batteries Cell will Meet or exceed the manufacturers original OEM specifications. 100% OEM Compatible.
  • Over-temperature battery protection. CE Approved & ROHS Compliant.
  • Uses lithium-Ion technology to ensure maximum battery life and Power.
  • High Capacity Long Life lithium-Ion cells.


Produced to Ex-acting standards

  • Manufactured using the highest quality materials, CE approved, ROHS Compliant certification.
  • Ex-Pro® batteries are produed to a Grade A standard, there are many replacement batteries, not all batteries are the same quality of cell's.
  • Models stocked for almost Digital Camera and Camcorder on the present market, Ex-Pro® R&D also test all units in the original camera to ensure compatibility and safe operation.

Ex-tra Value for Money

  • Value for money. Ex-Pro® produce and retail direct in very large quanties, with this brings the economies of scale and lower prices for our consumers

  • Equivalent units are traditionally distributed to end retailers with margins this makes the end product a higher cost to you.

Samsung  Batteries    


  • Samsung IA-BP85ST, IA-BP85ST Ex-Pro Battery
  • Samsung IASamsung IA-BH125C, IABH125C, IA-BH125 Ex-Pro Battery
  • Samsung IA-BH130LB, IA BH130LB, 1A BH130LP Ex-Pro Battery
  • Samsung IA-BP210E, IA-BP420E Ex-Pro Battery
  • -BP80W, IA-BP80W Ex-Pro Battery
  • Samsung BP-1320, BP1310 Ex-Pro Battery
  • Samsung SB-L110, SB-L110a Ex-Pro Battery
  • Samsung SB-LH73 SBLH73 Ex-Pro Battery
  • Samsung SB-LH82 SBLH82 Ex-Pro Battery
  • Samsung SB-LSM80, SB-LSM160, SB-LSM320 Ex-Pro Battery
  • Samsung SLB-0637, SLB0637 Ex-Pro Battery
  • Samsung SLB-0737, SLB0737 Ex-Pro Battery
  • Samsung SLB-0837, SLB0837 Ex-Pro Battery
  • Samsung SLB-0837(B), SLB0837(B) Ex-Pro Battery
  • Samsung SLB-0937, SLB0937 Ex-Pro Battery
  • Samsung SLB-1037, SLB1037 Ex-Pro Battery
  • Samsung SLB-1137, SLB1137 Ex-Pro Battery
  • Samsung SLB-1137(C), SLB1137(C) Ex-Pro Battery
  • Samsung SLB-1137(D), SLB1137(D) Ex-Pro Battery
  • Samsung SLB-1237, SLB1237 Ex-Pro Battery
  • Samsung SLB-1437, SLB1437 Ex-Pro Battery
  • Samsung SLB-1674, SLB1674 Ex-Pro Battery
  • Samsung SLB-1937, SLB1937 Ex-Pro Battery
  • Samsung SLB-1974, SLB1974 Ex-Pro Battery
  • Samsung SLB-07A SLB07A Ex-Pro Battery
  • Samsung SLB-10A SLB10A Ex-Pro Battery
  • Samsung SLB-11A SLB11A Ex-Pro Battery

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